Sempervirens Psyche Ward in Eureka, CA

sempervirensMy experiences here were also horrific and traumatic – all 15 or so of them. I am gathering information about this place in the hopes of exposing it for its frequent human rights violations. Please send in your stories.


Peace be with you

On today’s Democracy Now a story on “hospital dumping” of houseless people said, “In California, a Los Angeles area psychiatric hospital has admitted to abandoning more than 150 mentally disabled homeless patients in dangerous neighborhoods over a two-year period. College Hospital will pay a $1.6 million penalty under a settlement with city attorneys. So-called “hospital dumping” is believed to be a widespread practice in the United States.

Now here’s a paragraph that says a lot.  There is the abandonment and the dangerousness,  but there is also the psychiatric and the 150 mentally disabled.  Of course there is the “homeless,” and you know if they were houseless they were doped, and because they were doped any neighborhood is dangerous.

It has been a long standing practice to release people who feel they are illegally held against their will. Through the lobbying efforts of pharmaceutical financed…

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