Coping strategies for living alone with epilepsy

A post-ictal emotional debriefing with myself.

Since I live alone, I have to find ways to navigate the electric time-space warp they call a “seizure” by myself. It’s similar to guiding yourself through a short acid trip (I would imagine… 😛 )

The seizure itself may have been a secondarily generealized tonic-clonic, Although my level of ictal consciousness indicates it may have been a complex focal with clonic movements instead. It lasted maybe 5 minutes with another 10-15 minutes of laying on the ground saying, “come on, legs! let’s go, legs!” This is the phenomenon known as “Todd’s paralysis,” or post-ictal weakness. If you can, when someone has a seizure, let them be for a good 15-20 minutes because they’re not just tired – they’re actually paralyzed.

I managed to crawl up the stairs and get my camera going about 20 mins later. In this video I talk a little bit about my coping strategies for living alone with epilepsy. Besides counting from 0-60 and back, I start grounding exercises as soon as I feel the electricity dying down. “The dog is white. The cars are parked. The sea is gray. There are two birds.” Etc. It helps me remember where I am and why I’m laying on the ground feeling like a rag doll.

I sure was rolling around in the ol’ yard. I just noticed that piece of grass on my head, haha!


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