Statement of Solidarity

To all the other Little Voices:

We are waking up to the abuses of our environment,

We have been told we are bad and crazy,

and we are obedient.

We have acted bad and crazy.

We have screamed to get our voices heard

and we are labelled manic.

We have been disbelieved,

and we are labelled distrusting.

We have learned from infancy that safety is arbitrary,

and we are called paranoid.

We have anticipated punishment and deferred to pretenses,

and we have been punished for being manipulative.

We must fragment ourselves to integrate multiple realities,

and this process is called psychosis.

What do labels mean to you?




Art by Marian Goodman

The way my thoughts tumble and and jostle keep my words spinning in mixtures of complete and incomplete urges, thoughts, sentences. Usually words help me tie down my emotions, bleed them out through pen ink on paper. But now words flap around inside me and my body urges me to keep moving, to fly away from this. Words are not my lifeline today. Focus is not my friend.

“Vico presents as anxious, confused, and disorganized. When in crisis, Vico likely experiences episodes of impaired judgement and deterioration in reality testing, This may include unusual perceptual experiences, magical thinking, or delusional beliefs.”

“Pour myself a cup of coffee full of sober nights; ‘cuz nicotine and caffeine are my friends in this fight” – Ida Maria

Rising from Ashes


“Vico reports feeling confused, emotionally labile and angry. She indicated that she has difficulty thinking and concentrating. Vico possesses the cognitive ability to lead a productive and fulfilling life; however, she is presently experiencing frequent episodes of crisis.”


Bipolar 1 disorder, Most recent episode depressed with mixed features, with anxious distress, and mood-congruent psychotic features. 

“Vico researched Autism and raised many good points regarding her own thoughts and behavior during interviews. As we find with other bright adults who have struggled with personal relationships and adaptive skills, it is understandable why she requested we explore this possibility. After completing a comprehensive evaluation; however, it was evident that Vico’s communication, self-insight, and empathy are more advanced than that of adults on the Autism Spectrum.”